Miroslava Romanova New York based contemporary artist.
2009 Graduated from the N.S. Samokish Art School in Crimea.
2010 Win Russian Federation President grant for education, which covered 6 years of programs.
2015 Graduated from St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Design (former - V.Muhinoj), faculty of monumental and decorative painting.


2017-2019 MFA program in New York academy of Art.

Scholarship from New York academy of Art.

Currently works and lives in USA, New York.

2007-2009 Regional exhibitions in Ukraine 2009 Exhibition at the Union of artists of Ukraine Simferopol
2010 Young artists Exhibition planera in the Union of artists of Ukraine Crimea Simferopol
2011 Young artists Exhibition in "Gallery Kap"
Simferopol Exhibition of the young artist at the art Museum of the Crimea Simferopol
2012 International exhibition "chair art" Mikhail Shemyakin museum in St. Petersburg
2013 Exhibition at the Museum of Russian culture of the Vologda region Ferapontovo.
2015 Spring Exhibition at the Union of artists of Russia in musium of modern art St. Petersburg
2015 Tokyo International Art Fair
2016 Miami Artexpo
2017 New York Artexpo
2017 Solo Exhibition in Nouriel Roubini Loft
2017 Affordable art fair Singapore
2017 Scope Miami